Engadget – A dying breed?

This post was originally posted in The Verge Forums under the name „It must really suck to be Engadget right now…“.

March 14th was the day Apple has chosen for all the iPad reviews to be published. And they just kept coming in. Everyone had a review: The Verge, CNET, Slashgear, Macworld, Daring Fireball, Techcrunch, NYT, WSJ and on and on and on… 

A list of reviews can be found here.

But one site was missing: Engadget. It appears that they didn’t get a review unit or they got it later. Or their publishing schedule is really f**cked up. Anyway, missing out such an important deadline shows that Engadget is not at the top anymore.

Instead, they review the Acer Iconia Tab A200 or the Samsung Rugby Smart, products that nobody cares about. And this comes from a guy who hates all the Engadget bashing in the comments of the Verge. I try to like Engadget, but I was really disappointed when I visited Engadget and I couldn’t find an iPad review.

It is November 17th 2011 all over again. Samsung Galaxy Nexus HSPA+ review. The Verge posted it on November 17th and a week later, on November 24th, Engadget posted theirs. And these were the most commented posts on The Verge: GNex has until now 1073 comments and the new iPad has 1132 comments. (Only „Welcome to The Verge“ has more)

Engadget is missing so many opportunities.

Update: Engadget just uploaded their review of the new iPad, after two days and thousands of lost advertising revenues.


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