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„How Samsung Renewed My Love“, sooper_verge12

The manner in which they kept their flagship device a secret hadn’t been done with such success outside of the fruit company found in Cupertino. So, when the Samsung Galaxy S III hit the front pages of our favorite tech sites, there was a round of applause, right? Nope.

Apple enttäuscht mit dem iPhone 4S, Samsung macht es nach.

This is very much like the iPhone 4S launch. Let’s take a brief trip down memory lane: the „iPhone 5″ was going to have a 4“ display. It’ll lose the Home button. Joshua Topolsky even pranced around a tear-drop shaped, insanely thin, metal backed render of the iPhone 5 that admittedly looked incredibly sexy. So, when the 4S was revealed as a repackaged iPhone 4 with a better camera, faster chipset and Siri, some people were downright livid.

Flash forward to yesterday. In the same way, everyone looking forward to the next Galaxy S had built up all these expectation of what Samsung’s flagship device would be, look like and pack. Quad-core. Class-leading photographic optics. Super AMOLED Plus display, and, from the company that brought exciting form-factors like the Galaxy S II and Note, they had to be bringing something revelatory in design, right?

Samsung produced a technology masterpiece.

What Samsung produced was a full-to-the-hilt-of-technology masterpiece. The quad-core Exynos 4412 chip shows incredible performance compared to its contemporaries and will fulfill part of Samsung’s claim that the Galaxy S III will be best in class in this department. They already have one of the best cameras on a mobile device, so they decided to increase and elaborate on their value proposition, by not just adding functional features, but social features, like face detection and recognition.

Samsung created some innovative things for the end-user.

Mr. Savov downplayed all of the S-Tech found in Samsung’s flagship because they were too numerous to count and keep straight. But to dismiss the technology because the presentation was unclear is to diminish some of the innovative things that Samsung is seeking to create for the end-user’s benefit.

So, why the naysayers? Let’s start with the biggest issue: the display. „Why isn’t it Super AMOLED Plus like the Galaxy S II?“ Let’s get a couple of things straight: 1) AMOLED is, by most people’s account, the best display technology out there. In terms of daylight performance, viewing angles, black level performance and power consumption, AMOLED is the display technology of the future (and the present). However people fail to appreciate how new and young this technology is. It certain that Samsung is working on a „plus“ version of the AMOLED display in 720p. And when the technology is ready, we’ll see it in future devices, just not at this time.

Samsung hat das GS3 so stark verzögert, dass alle gedacht haben, Samsung müsste bis jetzt ein 720p-RGB-AMOLED haben.

Now, the biggest complaint is that the Galaxy S III fails to match up to the HTC One X in design. They’re just different. Personally, I’m tired of rectangular phones. I want large-radius corners that don’t dig into my palm when I hold it. I want curves along the edges that convince me it’s a thinner device than it really is. I like narrower bezels and a display that dominates the front face of the device. I don’t want to see plastic anywhere when I look at my device. Look at it again… it’s a beautiful phone.

Was ich mir denke: Das ist überall Plastik. Keiner erwartete ein revolutionäres Design, nur keine 100% Plastik mehr. Außerdem sollte man Samsung mal sagen, wie das mit dem Design so funktioniert: Hätte man einen kleineren Bildschirm in dieses Gehäuse gebaut – es wäre viel schöner geworden… Vielleicht ändere ich ja meine Meinung über die Schönheit des Designs, wenn ich es in der Hand halte. Aber ein Blickfänger ist es nicht. Und wer den Blick des Kunden nicht fängt, der kann den Kunden auch nicht durch seine kleinen S-Funktionen überzeugen. Sie sind nicht besonders revolutionär und kein Verkaufsargument. Wir werden ja sehen, ob es erfolgreich ist.

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