Oliver Reichenstein, Gründer von iA (Information Architects) und Vater von iA Writer in einem Interview mit The Verge:

iOS is the Windows XP for mobile devices. It looks a lot like Windows XP, if feels like Windows XP, and it is loved like Windows XP. It doesn’t have the same market share Windows XP had back in the day, but Windows XP was liked so much that Microsoft had a really hard time replacing it. Sooner or later Apple will have to radically evolve its UI paradigm. […] That being said, UI design for operating systems is the highest form of GUI and interaction design. It is incredibly hard to create something iconic and functional on that level of the user interface.

In any case, I am more excited to see the next big iteration from Apple than I am about Microsoft’s Metro. What I’ve seen so far [from Metro] is more graphic than interface design, it’s too Cartesian, too flat, too cold. It tries too hard to sway the hipsters who are not Microsoft’s target group.

But, hey, a lot of my designer friends are troubled about how much they like Metro. I might be wrong and Microsoft might get the early adopters, and in a couple of years then the monster market share they’ve been dreaming of. But I doubt it. Metro is not design for the masses. iOS is. And by trying to do what Steve would do, they won’t beat Apple’s avant garde.


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