↬ Windows Phones Tod: Google und Exchange

Bild: Engadget
Bild: Engadget

Vor einigen Tagen bestätigte ein Google-Mitarbeiter öffentlich, dass es keine weiteren Google-Apps für Windows 8 und Windows Phone geben werde, „weil dort keine Nutzer seien“. Dann kündigte Google an, Microsoft Exchange (E-Mail-, Kalender- und Kontaktsynchronisation) ab Ende Januar nicht mehr zu unterstützen.

Nach Darren Murph war das der endgültige Todesstoß für Microsofts Windows Phone, einem Betriebssystem, auf dem es nur eine einzige offizielle Google-App gibt: Google Suche. Kein Google Maps, kein Google Docs, kein Google Mail und nicht einmal YouTube.

You see, Google has bothered to create a genuine Gmail app for iOS, and in some ways, the refreshed edition looks and feels even more elegant than what ships on Android. It supports the iPhone’s push notification system and it gives me access to all of the Gmail features I’m used to.

Where’s that kind of passion on the Windows Phone front? I can count four legitimate Gmail options for iPhone right now; Windows Phone doesn’t even have one, and Google isn’t interested in changing that.

Ask yourself what I’ve asked myself: how seriously can you take a mobile platform when it supports none of the above mentioned items? Yes, third-party alternatives exist for a few of those, but let’s not kid ourselves — they’re terrible.

If you’re still somehow doubting the power of proper Google integration, let’s step back to 2007. When Apple unveiled its original iPhone, it owned 0 percent of the smartphone market. The App Store did not even exist. The entire idea of a mobile ecosystem wasn’t even fully formed in the minds of most — perhaps not even in the minds of those creating iOS. And while nearly everything changed over the five years that saw iPhone OS evolve into iOS 5, one vital piece of the original equation remained intact: Google Maps.

It’s easy to overlook, to take for granted. From day one, the default iOS Maps app just worked.

Google isn’t going to waste effort on Windows Phone until Windows Phone is worth exerting effort on, but can Windows Phone elevate itself to such a point without Google investing the effort to begin with? Even the iPhone didn’t have to make such a climb alone — from day one, a pillar of the iPhone’s universe was provided by Google in its Maps application.

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