Intel Atom Prozessoren in Hybrid-Laptops

Was mich immer gestört hat, sind die Atom-Prozessoren in den neuen Hybrid-Laptops. Es stellt sich heraus: Sie sind nicht so leistungsfähig. Überraschung! Deshalb war meine Empfehlung für Hybrid-Laptops auch das Microsoft Surface, das einen Core i5 besitzt.

One of the biggest reasons I was curious to review the Envy x2 was its processor. It runs on an Intel Atom Clover Trail chip, low-powered silicon that promises longer battery life without sacrificing the full Windows 8 experience. The 1.8GHz Atom Z2760 inside the x2 does indeed run everything you throw at it, and does fine with anything designed for Windows 8, but it crumbles under the weight of legacy apps. Even launching Steam takes 10-15 seconds, and almost every older app I tried was slower and less responsive than I’d expect from Intel’s more powerful processors.

As for gaming? Forget about it. The x2 is many things, but it is absolutely, unequivocally not a gaming machine.

The biggest upside by far is its longevity. On the Verge Battery Test, which cycles through a series of popular websites and high-res images with brightness set to 65 percent, the x2 lasted 7 hours, 44 minutes before finally giving up.

There is one other caveat, too, part of the running theme of what the x2 can and can’t do: if you open a heavy Windows app in the desktop, like Photoshop or Steam, the battery starts to drain in a serious hurry. But avoid those apps whenever possible, and the x2 will last an awfully long time.

Quelle: The Verge

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