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Bild: Andreas Lindmark
Bild: Andreas Lindmark

In einer Welt zwischen Nespresso und selbst zubereitetem Kaffee geht Julian Baggini bei Aeon einer Grundsatzfrage auf den Grund: Ist der persönliche Touch des Baristas wirklich wichtiger als das perfekt abgestimmte Produkt einer Maschine? Schmeckt ein handgemachter Espresso besser als ein Nespresso, oder fühlt es sich nur so an?

Surely we appreciate the handmade in part because it is handmade. An object or a meal has different meaning and significance if we know it to be the product of a human being working skilfully with tools rather than a machine stamping out another clone. Even if in some ways a mass-produced object is superior in its physical properties, we have good reasons for preferring a less perfect, handcrafted one.

There is plenty that we should happily allow to be mechanised, for the obvious benefits that brings. But there is plenty else we will continue to prefer to be handmade, because what matters is not just the result, but the process by which you get there. Humans are imperfect, and so a world of perfection that denies the human element can never be truly perfect after all.

Reading List: „The art of coffee – Joy in the task„, Aeon Magazine


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