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Bild: U.S. Army

Ich bin still. Hier ist der Anfang von First Person Shooter:

You hear a click, like the sound of a light switch. Or a pencil being snapped. […]

When it hits you, no matter how much you expect it, it comes as a surprise — a literal shock, like a baseball bat swung hard and squarely into the small of your back. That sensation — which is actually two sharp steel barbs piercing your skin and shooting electricity into your central nervous system — is followed by the harshest, most violent charlie horse you can imagine coursing through your entire body. […] You lose control of almost everything and the only place you can go is down, face first to the floor.

For five full seconds — an eternity — this continues. Thousands of volts commandeer your body and leave you convulsing, screaming for your life, helpless. […]

That’s what it feels like to be hit with a Taser.

Reading List: „First Person Shooter: Taser’s new cop-cam takes aim at perps and privacy„, The Verge


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